Book review: The Self-Care Revolution by Suzy Reading

Posted by IYTA Admin, 25-Apr-2018

This book is a good reminder that caring for yourself is not indulgent, but necessary. It’s written by Suzy Reading – a yoga teacher and psychologist.

Suzy has drawn from her own experience of coping with her gravely ill father at the same time as having her first baby. Suzy’s beloved father passed away when her first child, Charlotte was 15 months – the emotional trauma left Suzy feeling totally bereft and depleted.

It was from this experience and the knowledge she had as a psychologist and yoga teacher that she began to write: The Self-Care Revolution – smart habits and simple practices to allow you to flourish. Within the pages of this book are some wonderfully nurturing practices and yoga sequences designed to help you replenish and restore energy levels and keep you feeling emotionally grounded.

It’s based on the Vitality Wheel – a self-care toolkit with tips and practices to help boost your health and happiness. The book is well set out with beautiful images, easy-to-read and packed with ways to keep problems in perspective and enjoy your life.

Published by Hachette Australia

Q&A with Suzy

Q: How does yoga help with self-care?

Suzy: Yoga is a potent form of self-care working on all layers of the being – head, heart and body, with movement, stillness, strengthening, relaxation, mantra, breathing. Some kind of tonic for all moods, needs and situations.

Q: How long did it take you to write the book and as a busy mum? How & when did you write the book?

Suzy: It took me a few months to write the book and I tapped at the keyboard while my baby Teddy slept. It was my way of being present as a mother but still creating on the work front. It took three years to make it in [to] print though!

Q: Any advice for other yogis who would like to write a book?

Suzy: For me it was about finding my unique angle and telling my story authentically. Share your learnings and how it is shaping how you work with others. There are so many options!