Refunds / Withdrawal Policy

Covers payments, withdrawals, refunds and remittances of tuition fees associated with the delivery of IYTA Courses and Workshops.

  1. IYTA students and members enrolled into courses or workshops are charged a tuition fee determined by the Committee of Management and/or Course or Workshop Coordinator for the course or workshop they are enrolled in. Course enrolment deposit fees are non-refundable.
  2. Full fee-paying students are eligible for a refund of fees, less the deposit, if they withdraw on or before the fortnight prior to commencement of the course/workshop.
  3. All membership fees are non refundable.
  4. All refunds processed will incur a 3% administration fee, regardless of circumstance.
  5. Students are eligible for a refund of fees if they withdraw after the final two weeks before course commencement only if they can demonstrate special circumstances to the Course or Workshop Coordinator as to why they cannot proceed on the course/workshop.
  6. Students are eligible for a refund when IYTA has had to cancel the course/workshop due to low enrolment numbers, or unforeseen circumstances. IYTA will refund student course fees, including deposit fee.
  7. In the case of illness, Covid 19 symptoms, or exposure to someone with Covid 19 symptoms, at least 24 hours notice must be given to the event organiser in order to be eligible for a partial refund of 50% (this applies to both online and face to face workshops)
  8. If, due to increased Covid 19 restrictions, IYTA are required to postpone a workshop or event, participants will be advised that their booking will be moved to a future date. If the participant is unable to attend at the new date, they will be eligible for a full refund.
  9. If you are attending an online event it is your responsibility to ensure you can attend/connect to the internet. Refunds are not given for failure to attend/connect to the workshop/event.
  10. After a course/workshop has commenced, a student may apply for a partial refund for the modules/study weekends that were not undertaken. Any partial refund will be to a maximum of 80% of the total course fee.That is 20% of the total course fee will not be refunded once a student has commenced and will be calculated based on the remaining units to be studied for course completion. Eligibility for a refund of up to the remaining 80% of the course fee will be dependent on the student participation in the modules offered. Students who have elected to pay by instalment and withdraw before they have met their financial obligation based on their course participation will be sent an invoice for any final amounts owing. A student who completes a course but has not paid all relevant course fees will not be issued with a statement of attainment or certificate until such monies have been paid in full. Students withdrawing will not be eligible for a Certificate.
  11. Where a student defers completion of their studies, a 12 month period applies from the end of the period of deferral for the next available course enrolment or until the course/module is again available. An administration fee of 5% on top of course fees for deferrals will be charged. Fee increases for future available courses may require additional payment.
  12. IYTA students and workshop attendees may also be charged incidental fees for goods or services related to the course/workshop in which they are enrolled.
  13. All IYTA courses and workshop fees and charges are reviewed on a annual basis and are subject to change.
  14. All students and workshop attendees, by enrolling, are contracted to pay their fees as applicable.
  15. A student may not apply for a refund of course fees if they have completed, but failed the course. Opportunities will be made available to resit any assessments which may incur a resit fee. Extensions for assessments may also incur a fee.
  16. The IYTA Treasurer, in conjunction with the Membership Secretary, as well as the appropriate Course Coordinator or Workshop Coordinator is responsible for the charging and/or refunding of course fees in accordance with this policy.
  17. IYTA Committee of Management is responsible for the maintenance of the IYTA Refund Policies and procedures.