Yoga Accreditation, Registration and Membership

The Yoga industry in Australia can be difficult to navigate.  What does Yoga registration, accreditation and membership information mean for yoga teachers and yoga students training to be a teacher?  IYTA aim to shed some light on these areas with the following questions and answers.

What does Yoga Accreditation mean?

Yoga accreditation means you are being officially recognised as someone who has been successfully qualified to teach yoga to students. The International Yoga Teachers Association believes that the minimum course requirements to become a fully qualified yoga teacher is 350 hours.

What does Yoga Registration mean?

Yoga registration varies worldwide.  Internationally, Yoga Alliance (US) is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community, with over 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and more than 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).  In Australia, Yoga Australia is recognised as the peak body for Yoga in Australia. Its purpose is to maintain the integrity and tradition of yoga.  The International Yoga Teachers Association’s Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training is registered with both Yoga Alliance (US) and Yoga Australia.

Do I need to become a  Member of a Yoga Association?

The simple answer is no, there is no requirement to become a member of a yoga association. However, some Studios and Institutions do require their teachers to have membership with a yoga association.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member of a Yoga Association?

There are benefits that you receive if you do choose to sign up to a yoga association.  For example, if you are a fully qualified yoga teacher, the International Yoga Teachers Association ( provides the following member benefits – regular workshops, classes, events, course discounts, Insurance discounts, voting rights, first aid discounts, member page on IYTA website, monthly free CPD tutorials, monthly newsletter and  International Light Yoga Magazine. Visit Membership FAQs.

Is Yoga regulated in Australia?

No, currently there is no Government recognised yoga body for yoga accreditation in Australia.  This may change in the future.  A yoga teacher employer may request that a yoga teacher has gained a registered yoga teaching certificate.

Is Yoga regulated internationally?

Currently (2021) there is no international yoga governing body.

Is the IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching accredited and registered with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance (US)?

Yes!  The IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching is fully accredited and registered internationally with Yoga Alliance (International), and nationally with Yoga Australia (Level 1 / 350 hrs).

The IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training is registered by Yoga Australia 

Yoga Australia Registered Logo for IYTA