IYTA Course FAQs

Attending in person is the best option, however it is possible to arrange to complete some (or all) lectures by viewing them online.

No. The IYTA course is a whole integrated program. Prior learning is respected and can be a great advantage. However no advanced standing is given for any part of the course.

The three year minimum requirement is important as yoga is a lifetime journey to begin to understand yoga philosophy and practice. At three years only the first step has been taken.

No. It is not possible for a child to be present at the Residential – it is a time of retreat for the student only.

Yes. Where there are groups of students in one area enrolled in the Distanced Education Course, a mentor is appointed to meet with the students for assessing posture work and for exchange of ideas and for general support.

Yes. As there are many styles of yoga taught in Australia, every endeavour should be made to find an IYTA teacher so that you will be working with the style you will be required to teach at your practical assessment. However, some students choose to remain with their original teacher and attend further classes with an IYTA trained teacher. If however there is not an IYTA teacher in your area you are still able to enrol in the course as you are provided with a Mentor who guides you through the course.

Face-to-face is Sydney based while Distanced Education means you can be anywhere. Distanced Education students enrol at the same time and follow the same lectures and timing as the face-to-face students. Distanced Education students receive lectures and video links electronically. All students will graduate at the same time.