The importance of insurance for yoga teachers

The importance of insurance for yoga teachers

Posted by IYTA Admin, 15-Sep-2017

Yoga is about reducing stress not creating it – which is why having a good insurance policy is vital for yoga teachers.

Thankfully it is rare for claims to be made against instructors, but it does happen… Janine* didn’t realise when she encouraged one of her students to try a new yoga pose, that she was putting her own livelihood at risk.

The movement led to Janine’s student injuring her shoulder and requiring weeks of intensive physiotherapy. She then began court proceedings against Janine – who was potentially liable for thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Luckily for Janine the case was dismissed, but although rare, this kind of issue does happen, which is why we need to have both Professional Indemnity AND Public Liability Insurance.

Although Janine didn’t end up needing her insurance to respond in this instance, her professional indemnity (PI) insurance policy would have provided the protection she needed.

“PI insurance is designed to protect business owners against the financial consequences of any mistakes they – or their staff – might make. It also protects against accusations of negligence (even if the allegations are unfounded), safeguarding your reputation and assets,” says Natasha Burr of Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers.

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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)?

This covers you for the financial consequences of any mistakes you, or your staff, may make in providing professional advice or instruction to clients. It also protects against allegations of professional misconduct or negligence, even if unfounded, to help safeguard your personal and business reputation.

What is Public Liability Insurance (PL)?

Public liability insurance covers you for any injuries to third parties or damage to property that might occur anywhere in Australia, through negligence or accidental means.

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* name has been changed to protect identity