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Posted by IYTA Admin, 08-Apr-2019

The first time I taught a Seniors Yoga class I was a bit daunted. It was at a retirement village with eight women (plus a token man) who ranged in age from early 60s to late 80s.

It did take a little longer than usual to discuss injuries and medical conditions – but they were all quick to tell me that they wanted a work out. In fact one student got straight to the point: “None of this relaxation stuff,’ she muttered. ‘I want to move!”

So we began in Tadasana – standing behind the chairs – which were there for support. Then we did joint release movements followed by some gentle limbering and classic chair yoga poses.

It’s now a year on and I’m still teaching every week. I’ve had to draw upon an extensive library of yoga poses and movements to ensure the sessions are a little different and challenging each time.

One of the most popular elements has been a mini aerobics workout that we do in the middle of the session. Back in the early 90s I did an Aerobics Instructor course and nearly 30 years on I’m finally making good use of those hamstring curls and grapevines!

We do a mix of gentle limbering, joint releases, chair yoga, balance work, aerobics and then a series of seated postures for core and pelvic floor followed by a breathing practice and a mini relaxation.

It’s a fabulous group, everyone has a laugh we all share our news and gripes about the weather and growing old. Some people have to sit a little closer as they are a bit hard of hearing and others need to hang on a little more to the chair for support. But it’s a hugely rewarding and fun class.

So if you are not already teaching a Seniors Yoga class then it’s definitely a good session to consider – and make sure you enrol in the IYTA’s hugely popular Seniors Yoga workshop – which is now being held in Perth and well as Sydney.

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