A Short Yin Practice for Heart and Lungs by Terri Montgomery

Posted by IYTA Admin, 14-Dec-2018

Guidelines for a Yin Yoga Practice

Hold each pose for 2-5mins (use props: cushions, blankets, bolster to support your body if needed). Relax the muscle tension to go deeper into the connective tissue, fascia and joints. The three most important parts of the practice are:

  • Stillness
  • Appropriate depth: it’s ok to feel discomfort, but don’t build tension by going too far – it’s a non-harming, gentle practice – ahimsa
  • Time: 2-5 minutes of holding the poses

Heart/Lung Small and Large Intestines poses:

Butterfly pose – soles of the feet together, feet in close or feet further away your choice feel the difference, start seated upright and bowing forward when you’re ready

Wide knee child’s pose – buttock towards your heels, let your heart melt to the ground

Sphinx pose – (place a blank under your pelvis to release pressure on your lower back, particularly your SI joint)

Seal pose – (stronger back bend – come up onto your palms, lengthen your arms, open your shoulders, release tension by pulling down slightly)

Counter pose – Laying prone (facing down sliding knee up to hip height, your gaze the same way, repeat other side)

Caterpillar – Full Forward Bend (bend knees and sit on a prop to help the pelvis to rotate forward and release hamstring tension) A calming and cooling pose, let your exhale breath be long

Supine Twist – laying down take both knees to one side, gaze opposite Savasana 5-10 mins (right hand on the heart, left on the hara – belly)

What makes your heart shine?

Creating healthy boundaries protecting your heart so that you can focus on self love. Only allow people in to your heart that deserve your love and attention. Ensuring your shine doesn’t get dimmed, be who you are…

Satya – truthfulness…shine…bright…

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