Reboot, recharge and reconnect at our IYTA Annual Retreat

Reboot, recharge and reconnect at our IYTA Annual Retreat

Posted by IYTA Admin, 27-Jul-2018

Robyn Lynch credits Ayurveda for helping her reconnect with herself and find the answers she’d been looking for. For Robyn, it was a light bulb moment when at the age of 42, she discovered how Ayurveda could help give her a deeper understanding of herself and others.

As a High School Nutrition teacher, Robyn had become very aware of the flaws in the nutrition curriculum. She says, “I was looking around at the girls that I was teaching – the healthy diet pyramid and Australian Dietary guidelines – and I realised it just didn’t work.” Robyn could see this approach wasn’t individual enough – that what may have been great information for one, wasn’t the answer for the next. She had struggled with her own weight and body image for years, so she was very aware of the impact of what she was teaching on these vulnerable adolescents.

She adds: “Because we are so fixated about being thin, I was very concerned about eating disorders. Was I empowering them or teaching them how to create a disorder?”

So after qualifying as a Yoga Teacher with IYTA, Robyn left teaching (in schools) and opened her own Yoga studio and through a sabbatical Yoga retreat, encountered the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Robyn went on to complete many years of Ayurvedic study, including becoming an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner with the renowned Dr. Ajit, AIAS; and becoming a Vedic master with Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Centre University.

Finally Robyn had found the key to not only nutrition and diet, but to living a healthy, happy and complete life. She was no longer fixated with weight or self- image and found herself not only better able to understand and tend to her own needs, but Ayurveda also empowered her to better understand others. This was so important as a mother of three children, a wife and a business owner.

In April this year, Robyn hosted a two-week online summit with 3,000 registrants. She featured 20 renowned speakers from around the world, including International Ayurvedic Doctors, Best-Selling Authors and world- renowned speakers. This culminated in the launch of her face-to-face and online programs, Your Radical Reboot.

Robyn will be running elements from the program at the IYTA’s annual retreat at the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga and Meditation Centre in Wilton, NSW in October.

At the retreat you’ll explore the four pillars of life as your birthright:

Dharma – living our purpose
Artha – obtainment of wealth – comes from
Karma – fulfillment of desire and finally
Moksha – freedom

You will be introduced to the 101 of Ayurveda, in the simplest and most digestible way. You will explore the concept of Your Health in Your hands and discover your unique constitution – or Dosha.

Robyn (pitta dominant!), says: “Ayurveda tells us how to be the most powerful person we can be. It is literally the knowledge of living.  There is nothing that Ayurveda does not address and through applying its concepts, you can learn how to reconnect with yourself, discover what you are here for and how to attain your birthright.”

The retreat will also include an exploration of the Five Elements, the Doshas, Agni, Ama and Ojas – the Ayurvedic principles of digestion, self-love and tapping into your authentic power.

Robyn will be teaching yoga classes which include meditation and sound sadhana, giving a chai tea demonstration and sharing loads of practical information about incorporating Ayurveda into your Yoga Teacher practice.


About our Instructor

Robyn Lynch

Robyn Lynch

Robyn has a passion for “True Wellness”. Her dream is that all people have access to the wisdom of self-knowing that allows each of us to experience our Perfect Healthy. As the founder of the Perfect Health Centre, she has facilitated life-change for hundreds of clients through Yoga teaching, Ayurvedic Medicine and on-line courses. Robyn has a B. Ed., has studied extensively internationally and her qualifications include being an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, holding a Masters from Chopra Centre University and gaining her initial Yoga teaching qualifications from IYTA.