Meditate in May (in Manly!)

Posted by IYTA Admin, 03-May-2019

There are just days to go before David Burgess teaches a weekend workshop on the foundations of meditation and pranayama.

Want to study meditation but sifting through the array of courses and trainings can be mind-blowing? That’s why the IYTA’s David Burgess has made it simple and thorough – with our new course: Meditation and Pranayama.

This course is offered online, but David is offering the training face-to-face this May in Manly. And there are a few spaces left – but you need to book in quickly to secure your spot.

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Deirdre Gomez found David’s Meditation and Pranayama lectures on the Diploma of Yoga Teaching course invaluable. She says: “I’ve never seen such a well-structured and well-planned program. I was new to meditation and I have to admit I was excited and a little apprehensive about embarking on my meditation journey.

“However, David covered the basics in detail and at a nice pace, which gave us a strong foundation for our personal practice and also for a teaching perspective.

“Initially we spent time working on increasing our lung capacity through a range of breathing techniques slowly and steadily progressing through an extensive array of practices. There program was meticulously planned and David’s feedback to every individual was always encouraging and often lighthearted.”

Deirdre has been teaching for three years now and has found she has used the wide range of practices she learnt from David in the classes she now teaches. One of her favourite practices from the course was Ajapa Japa with the Soham-Hamso mantra. It relates to drawing the prana along the psychic passage using the mantra SO on the inhalation having an awareness of the prana rising up the spine from the mooladhara to sahasrara chackras, The mantra Ham is associated with the prana descending deep into mooladhara on the exhalation. As you become more proficient you can add ujjayi pranayama or Kerchari.

Deirdre adds: “There are a lot of courses out there, but I would strongly recommend this IYTA course with David as a well-rounded and thorough course.”

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