In Tune with our Chakras – Glynis Whitfield

In Tune with our Chakras – Glynis Whitfield

Posted by IYTA Admin, 05-Dec-2018

Discover why and how the Chakras are the databanks of our lives in this wonderful workshop led by Glynis Whitfield. Here Glynis gives us an insight into tuning into our chakras…

Q: What do you mean when you say the Chakras are the databanks of our lives?

A: One thing I have learned through my practise of yoga is that we are all blessed to be more than our physical bodies. And we are greater than most of us know. All of our experience is mediated through our energy system, chakras, koshas and nadis.

I see the chakras as being the keepers of our relationships with the outside world. Each chakra with a different aspect of these relationships to manage. When we experience hurts which cause us pain and suffering, the effects are “stored” within our chakras and koshas. It is possible for us all to tune in and soon you will see the patterns and the connections. Our energy bodies are the reflections of ourselves.

Q: How does this work?

A: How this works in actuality I have no idea. We do know that the chakras can become damaged through some interactions as can the koshas, and like any (I hesitate to use the word) machinery, when one part isn’t working properly, things don’t run smoothly. This can cause us to view the world and ourselves in a way which causes more confusion and pain. For example, do we see ourselves as victims in a hostile environment, or are we participants in an exciting journey?

Q: And why is this?

A: Becoming conscious requires that we take notice. Become aware. One form of prodding is pain and pain usually manages to get our attention, helps focus the mind, if you like.

Q: What has been your personal experience with the energy systems?

A: When I started meditation, I found the mind wanted to jump all over the place, as we all experience no doubt. I found that giving my mind something to concentrate on helped keep it quiet, so practising Chakra Dharanam (focus) became my way in.

Q: How can we all be more in tune with the Chakras?

A: Take notice of where we feel pain, not just physical pain, but emotional pain. What things in your life are causing you issues? When you understand which chakra deals with the issue at hand, you may find the explanation of why you are feeling pain in a particular place. For instance, do you have pain across the back of the pelvis/low back? Are you experiencing stress in your relationship with money or power?

Q: And how can we clear the Chakras?

A: Visualise clearing each chakra of its stored hurts. To visualise each chakra spinning freely, with no hindrances. Also Prana Vidya, visualising energy moving freely through the nadis in conjunction with the movement of the breath, is another great way to clear out the plumbing.

Q: How do the chakras tie in with the other yogic energy systems?

A: When you learn the aspects of our being which the chakras deal with, and then learn the aspects the koshas deal with, you will see the correspondences between them. As we raise our awareness upwards from the base chakra to the higher levels of consciousness, so we move our awareness to ever finer layers in the koshas.