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Posted by IYTA Admin, 25-Apr-2018

Mary-Louise Parkinson is a past president of IYTA and has trained in many styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Yoga Synergy and IYTA. But the flowing sequences of Dru Yoga captured her heart.

One of Mary-Louise’s favourite Dru sequences is the Salute to the Four Directions, which she practices regularly. She says: “It’s a sequence to help you connect to the earth and yourself – and beautiful when practiced outside. I like to do this on the beach – it is a blessing to all the directions and invokes a deep sense of connectedness back to the heart and earth.”

Salute to the Four Directions

  1. If possible practice outside – ideally with your feet on the earth.
  2. Begin facing north and honouring a sense of gratitude for everything we have and looking forward to being in the present.
  3. Stand in Tadasana and balance on your left leg, step your right foot out to a deep squat and then reach your arms down as gathering a bunch of flowers.
  4. Then, still in a squat, bring these flowers to the heart centre, then reach up to sky – opening the arms and upper chakras to the infinity of the sky.
  5. Draw your hands down from the heavens – bringing down an attitude of clarity  within.
  6. Then reach to right and circle around the whole body drawing in a sense of gratitude. Repeat to the left side with left foot stepping out and circling the body to the left. Then turn to face the east, repeat the sequence, then to the south and then to the west.
    Affirmations – you can change these affirmations according to what is needed in your life at the time:

    • north – gratitude
    • east – letting go
    • south – forgiveness
    • west – unconditional love.
  7. When you have finished all four directions, then return to the north and surround yourself in white light or the colours of the rainbow – with the affirmation of faith and trust that all is okay.

Mary-Louise regularly runs her Dru yoga workshops in Toowoomba, Qld – they are a nurturing, restorative day where participants will enjoy a series of Dru Yoga sequences interwoven with the Yoga energy systems.

Her workshops are open to everyone and intertwine with the koshas – working deeply within the yogic energy system and is a gentle approach to yoga with flowing sequences. It’s great for all – from yoga newbies to experienced yoga teachers.

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