Want to teach yoga? Then discover the IYTA difference

Want to teach yoga? Then discover the IYTA difference

Posted by Katie Brown, 25-Oct-2022

Choosing the right yoga teacher training course is difficult. Discover the reasons why some of our current students picked the IYTA – and why they’d recommend it to others…  

The gold standard of yoga courses!

“The course was recommended to me as the gold standard of yoga courses! The reputation of the diploma is excellent and when I attended the information session, everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

“Now I’ve nearly finished the course, I would definitely recommend it to others. Another reason I’d recommend it (and something I wouldn’t have thought about before embarking on the course) is the commitment to the origins and culture of yoga. So often yoga courses are focused just on the asana with a little bit of pranayama, without acknowledging the Indian heritage and I love how the IYTA values this.”

Ellanor Clark, Moss Vale, NSW 


It’s the perfect way to learn

“I liked the fact the course was run over a year, rather than an intensive 1-2 months. This way you have a long period to absorb and learn. The IYTA’s Diploma of Yoga Teaching starts with the foundations and builds upon that – which is great as you then branch off and learn about all the other aspects of yoga. It’s also a bonus that the course is internationally recognised.

“I loved having the Posture Reviews where you are face-to-face in a small group with the opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts while having a teacher guiding you. It’s the perfect way to learn.”

Jennie Alexander, NSW  


Gives you the tools to teach anyone 

“The reasons I chose the IYTA to complete my Yoga Teacher training are because it is not aligned to any specific tradition and because of the variety of teachers who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge.

“This course covers so much more than yoga asana, giving you tools to be able to teach anyone. I highly recommend the course if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of safe yoga practices that suit all ages and levels of experience.

I am so grateful to have found these wonderful teachers.”

Jimena Cueva, NSW  


Each Study Weekend I feel as if another layer has peeled away

“I would highly recommend the IYTA’s Diploma of Yoga teaching – it is a well balanced and in-depth course, which encompasses the history, physiology and philosophy of yoga as well as the pranayama, meditation and asanas.  It’s been fantastic.

The way the course is structured is really interesting – as well as the knowledge gained, it has also felt like a self-exploration. I went into the course purely out of interest as I’d been attending classes for 18 years and I had no desire to teach. But from the teaching practice on the course and making myself confront my nerves and stand up and teach others, I’ve boosted my confidence to the point that I am now seriously considering teaching.

The lecturers are all kind, supportive and generous with their time. Each Study Weekend I feel as if another layer has peeled away and I leave with so much wisdom and insight. I would definitely recommend the IYTA’s Diploma of Yoga teaching course – I’ve really loved it. “ 

Michelle Lhotka, NSW

 I have a great support network

“I chose to do the IYTA Diploma of Yoga teaching because it was a flexible structure which suited my full-time work. I felt it was a very thorough program which provided a lot of information about the history of yoga and the Sanskrit origins.

“I’d absolutely recommend it – you get expertise from many yoga teachers – so you don’t just learn from one teacher. All the lecturers are accessible and everyone is so approachable and willing to help. I like that it is run over the course of a year which gives you time to look through all the information and understand it on a deeper level.

“At the end of the course I will feel ready to teach and I have a great support network – not just from the people on the course, but from the wider IYTA community.”

Rashad Moussa, NSW 


I like the blend of online and face-to-face learning

The main reason I chose the IYTA was because it is a comprehensive, well laid out course which includes the rich, historical teachings of yoga. Since I’ve been doing the course, I’ve been impressed with the broad range of lecturers who are all adept at what they teach.

I also like the blend of online and face-to-face learning and I’ve found the format works well for busy people who are working full-time.

Now I’m on the course it’s even better than I thought it would be and it’s also shown me that you don’t have to be someone with the ideal slim body who can turn themselves into a pretzel!

I’m turning 50 this year and it’s been great to learn how to apply yoga to the older demographic.   I feel I would be confident at the end of the course to teach and a better practitioner because I’ve had been taught by such a wide range of knowledgeable teachers.”

Mariko Endicott-Davies, NSW


It’s the most in-depth and comprehensive course available in Sydney.

I chose to take part in the IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training because fromIYTA student my research it stood out as the most in-depth and immersive course available in Sydney. I love yoga and wanted to learn as much as possible, this course definitely provides you with enough material to learn as much as you want about the many different aspects of yoga, as well as leading you down research paths you may never have considered before the course. I like that the course is spread over an entire year, it gives you plenty of time to practice what you’re learning, integrating new information into your life, it is great to watch the changes you make and to watch the benefits that it brings to your life. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn a lot about yoga, as well as how to begin the process of teaching yoga’s beneficial components to other people. The course requires commitment and perseverance, but I can attest that it gives you as much as you give it. I am nearing the end of my study, but could imagine continuing if the course was longer. I know that when I look back on this year I will be forever grateful to myself and everyone who’s made this experience.

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