Moyra Pearson – PPN Graduate 2017 – and Mum to Zahana

I enrolled in the IYTA Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Course as soon as I knew I was pregnant and it was completely worth it.
During my pregnancy I gained the knowledge of all the changes I was going through; not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. It gave me a detailed understanding of each trimester and the tools to modify my yoga practice, helping me to enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy and to connect with my little girl on a deeper level. It also built my confidence and prepared my body for her birth.
Now, after the birth of Zahana Tara, I am practicing all I learnt from the Postnatal course, I started a gentle Postnatal Yoga practice and I am giving baby massages to Zahana, which she enjoys.
The Prenatal yoga classes that I have taught, were extremely fulfilling. The mothers-to-be were very grateful and the environment was full of love and connection. What can be more rewarding than helping pregnant women to bring a new life into this world?
I highly recommend the IYTA Prenatal and Postnatal course to every pregnant women and even more to Yoga Teachers, as it gives you an immense knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postnatal and how to customise your yoga class to suit a pregnant women in all levels (koshas) psychical, mental, emotional and spiritual.