Marie Ecosse

The quality of the teachers at IYTA for the Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2016 were outstanding. Each study weekend, I built confidence and developed my skills.

After I graduated, from my very first class as a teacher, I was able to observe students as I moved around the class ; offering them modifications or aligning their posture. Since then, each class has helped me to fine-tune my individual way of teaching and today I teach up to 7 to 10 classes each week.

Being inspired by my mentor (Astrid Pickup) helped me with my personal goals and motivation to continue and improve. I have found after a year of teaching that I now have my own individual style and I am able to read correctly my student’s posture and assist them in perfecting it. The best reward I have at the end of a class is a big smile with a heart-felt thank you. Students are returning on a regular basis to my classes and the sizes of my classes are also increasing. THANK YOU IYTA for your guidance in my Yoga path!