Somatic Movement Online – with Katrina Hinton

CPD Points: 6

When: 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Saturday, 03 Sep 2022 - Saturday, 10 Sep 2022

Where: Online - Zoom

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“Posture is not a battle with gravity but a dance with all the forces around us”

Somatic Movement Online Workshops – Posture is a Dance coming to you ONLINE!

Shared over Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th of September,  wherever you are located for teachers and students alike. Offered online via Zoom: 2 pm – 5 pm

Here is what one participant said about the workshop in Canberra in April 2022:

“I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday! Presented so professionally and warmly, great handout and visuals, and loved the balance between theory and practice and the way you managed the group.” Joanne Elphinston

Posture is a loaded term in our society that can trigger a range of emotions and reactions. It is often associated with our appearance but there are significant health risks associated with poor posture beyond what it looks like and how it makes us feel.

Instead, this work/play introduces posture as an interplay of “structure and function, emotion and communication, biology and biography”; a dynamic, unique, and ever-changing response to our environment.

Just as we all react differently to music and move to its rhythm or emotional content, our posture responds to the rhythms, peaks and troughs, stresses, and physical demands in our lives.

How we allow ourselves to be in space and how we choose to move reflects our state of being and how we interact with the world.

Workshop Overview

This workshop will challenge the myth of an ideal static posture and inform us of the health risks of poor posture. You will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of posture influences, with opportunities to explore narratives and the new vocabulary in our bodies. You will be introduced to postural archetypes and the characteristics of our bodies, to assist in identifying your own postural tendencies using photos of yourself.

Through Somatic movement principles, exploring movements, and the creation of your own home practice, you will have the opportunity to relieve postural imbalances.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be introduced to the work of Thomas Hanna & Joanne Elphinston.
  • The Central Longitudinal Axis.
  • Key postural reflexes and the importance of the head position.
  • A new technique for the functional and easeful head position. One postural queue to rule them all!
  • Exploring the importance of reflexes in the feet.
  • Experience greater sensory input and sensation in our feet.
  • Fascia, postural tone, and how to boost your sensory input and interoception.
  • Take home a checklist for better posture.

These workshops will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for 30 days.

Lecturer: Katrina Hinton

Katrina Hinton is a 500-hour accredited yoga teacher from the respected Nature Care College and the ACT representative with IYTA. She has trained with some of the luminaries of the yoga world and continues to regularly deepen her skills and understanding at workshops and training.

Katrina specialises in Somatics and is continuously using her own experience and her students as research for her classes and is grateful for the life-changing empathy that past injuries have bestowed. Her fusion classes help people shine a light of new awareness on the way they experience their bodies and movement with more grace and ease.

Katrina is one of only a handful of qualified yoga and Somatics movement educators trained by Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, and Martha Peterson in Australia, combining this knowledge with the incredibly effective training from Joanne Elphinston.

To attend this online workshop you will need:

  • a reliable internet connection
  • the ability to join a zoom meeting
  • this workshop is open to non-teachers as well as teachers
  • further details of what’s required are in the confirmation booking email