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Here we have some wonderful testimonials from our IYTA Members and Affiliates sharing their experience of IYTA


I love being apart of the IYTA community because I do feel like its a big yoga family and i love all the continued training opportunities, workshops and events. I especially love getting my magazine mail in the letterbox. Such a treasured treat to receive. Thank you team!

Alexi Pallpratt – Full Member

I did my IYTA teacher training in 1995 and it changed my life. The quality of the training; the breadth and depth of the training faculty; their sincerity and authenticity; shone through – and I felt totally ready to teach and pass on their wisdom and nurturing. I continue to be a member – sharing in a fellowship with these amazing teachers – it is a privilege to align and work with these senior teachers. Currently the basic teacher training is supported by a faculty of around 25 of these amazing specialist senior teachers. Their workshops and further training programs in seniors, restorative, yin, back care and prenatal/postnatal yoga – its not just information, its true teaching skills, distilled wisdom and experience that they share.

Sarah Manning – International Member

I enjoy my IYTA membership for the opportunity to experience a variety of teaching styles at the organised Yoga days which also gives me ongoing contact with my longstanding Yoga friends.

Teresa Morris – New Zealand IYTA Affiliate

The IYTA community provides excellent support to members by sharing experiences in the ‘International Light’ magazine and by providing access to resources such as training videos and workshops. IYTA is recognised as a professional organisation and the availability of the IYTA website teacher listings and benefits of group insurance also make a positive difference. Thank you, IYTA!

Christine Bennett – Full Member

I love IYTA for it’s authenticity, depth and diversity. The high quality courses offered by exceptional teachers make it an endlessly, rewarding association to be a part of. Thank you for doing what you do.

Peta Jolley – Full Member

I think that IYTA proves members with a large number of benefits. For me, the best benefit is the provision of very high quality, accessible CPD, be it regular videos, or zoom/in person workshops. I have attended many and always been very impressed by their quality. Thank you so much! Namaste

Dr. Rossana McKenzie – Full Member

I love how IYTA is always offering interesting courses, where I can participate to update myself in my yoga practise. The classes are presented by experts on each topic, teachers who share quality information, are genuine and fun. Looking forward to attend more courses to keep growing and expanding.

Sandra Genoveva Taylor – Full Member

Hello lovely IYTA family,

It has taken me a while to respond to this email, as I wanted to think about my love and devotion to the IYTA. I was first introduced to the IYTA back in 1975-76 when I was travelling in Australia. I met Val Diakos and she told me about the Yoga Teacher Training and high standards of the organization. Although I was unable to take the training back then as I live in Canada, I was able to make a life-long connection and learn from many of the great IYTA influences, like Swami Gitananda and Venkatesananda. My main teachers here in North American were Swami Vishnudevananda and dear great teacher Dr. Hari Dickman, who IYTA led me to and whom my book is about.
IYTA “mentored” me every step of the way, with encouragement and in the 1980s letting me challenge their exam so I could have equivalency as a Full Teaching Member. I was made the Canadian Representative for IYTA and held that honorable job up until around 2016, when one of my fellow Canadian members of IYTA, Dorothy Fizzell, took over that role.
I have enjoyed being a supporter of IYTA and the high standards. Our Yoga Teacher Training here in Canada is based on meeting not only the Yoga Alliance Standards but also the IYTA Standards, making it possible for our 500 hour graduates to become Full Teaching members. IYTA has supported us for many years in this when Moina Bower helped us meet this goal.
As a board member with Yoga Alliance and part of the Standards Committee, I have stood up for IYTA continually, playing a small role in the IYTA training becoming a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Why, because I believe IYTA has extraordinary standards and deserves to be recognized for this. After all, IYTA was here long before YA.
I don’t get to attend all of the IYTA conferences, but when I can I really love reconnecting with long time friends. I find these conferences outstanding and worth the journey every time! I have been to the conferences in Barcelona twice (1984 and 2005), Puerto Rico (1981, where I met USA rep Prue Kestner), Uluru, in 1997 and Sydney in 20. Your current Canadian rep, Dorothy, came to Uluru, Barcelona and Sydney too, so we were your Canadian team of devotees!
IYTA has been a steady foundation for me from almost all of my yoga life, and certainly influential in helping me to become a teacher. You have been my yoga family. Even though I have joined other yoga associations and taken numerous other trainings, IYTA will always be my number one yoga family. Thank you for all that you give, and may my life be blessed enough to give back even a small degree of what I have received!


Marion (Mugs) McConnell – International Member

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