Free up that energy!

Free up that energy!

Posted by Katie Brown, 07-Sep-2020

Spring gives us the opportunity to refresh and revive not just our home, but ourselves and our yoga practice. And these two classes will give you just that opportunity…

IYTA is running two special seasonal classes to mark the transition to warmer weather and burgeoning energy.

The first class will be taught by the ever-popular Sarah Manning. Sarah says: “Spring – is an expansive germinating new energy. It’s a time to do new things or renew an old, familiar but perhaps neglected, practice – with fresh eyes.

With Covid – we are transitioning into a new way of living; a new way of teaching; receiving; sharing; connecting those with a resistance to change – may need to look at why… it generates anger and frustration as we struggle with new practices, new technology, new ways of doing things…if this is you – we get it!”

Sarah advises just booking in to free up the energy, to germinate and be brave!

Funnily enough the seasons aren’t particularly obvious where Sarah lives in Singapore. She says: “Here in Singapore, seasons are less apparent – but they do exist. The wind direction that created the historic trade and prosperity of SE Asia followed the monsoons. Half the year it is south westerly, bringing the ships from China and sending to the West – the other North Easterly, taking back to China and from the West. We have drier and wetter seasons – poor grandma always visits at Christmas – our wettest, coolest part of the year!”

Sarah adds: “The traditional Chinese, and thus temperate, seasons are Spring, Summer, late Summer, autumn and winter. The sensitivities following the same five seasons are – wind, summer heat, dampness, dryness and cold.

So, for the season of strong wind, labelled Spring, and those with imbalances related to the Liver and Gallbladder – they will be uncomfortable, frustrated, angry, sensitive to draughts and stirred up by and edgy with the wind.”

And our other Spring yoga class is being taught by Radha Salliann Vine who has been teaching yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years. Radha is trained in Satyananda style and runs regular seasonal workshops and women’s events.

This class will acknowledge the Spring Equinox – a time when the earth is in momentary balance with equal night and day. A perfect time to come together to enjoy a flowing practice of poses and guided meditation to honour the spring energy. For this class you’ll need to create your own puja altar table with an ode to each of the elements.

To find out more and book into these classes please click HERE.