Experiential Yoga ~ Deepen your practice

CPD Points: 3

When: 2pm – 5pm NSW, Saturday, 11 Mar 2023

Where: Crows Nest Community Centre and Zoom

Member’s Price: A$55 – A$90 / Non-members: A$65 – A$97
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Experiential Yoga ~ Deepen your practice

with Gyan and Alana

Would you like to deepen your practice?
Has your practice fallen by the wayside amidst a life filled with distraction?
On March 11th from 2 pm to 5 pm IYTA is offering you a workshop focussed on Experiential Yoga to help you deepen your practice with Gyan and Alana.

Gyan and Alana teach yoga with a strong focus on cultivating awareness throughout asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), yoga nidra (guided relaxation), and meditation.


The exciting part is this workshop will be

face-to-face AND on Zoom!!!

That’s right, we are offering our first of 3 hybrid workshops to be held this year from Crows Nest Community Centre.

In this workshop the focus will be on :

  • Your inner experience
  • 1 hour of postures
  • 30 minutes of breath work (pranayama)
  • 30 minutes of yoga nidra
  • 30 minutes of meditation
    With time for some questions and a short break



Join us for this 3-hour IYTA Experiential Yoga workshop which will consist of:

  • Take your practice beyond physical ideals and mental wrestling with some simple tips to shift awareness
  • Learn helpful cues for yourself and your students to focus awareness on sensations and feelings
  • Reconnect with the deeper purpose of yoga practice
  • The focus is less on the precision of movements and more on the inner experience.
  • Focusing on sensations and feelings, yoga becomes an embodied practice, drawing energy away from the busy mind and into the body, bringing fuller awareness of the present moment experience.
  • Cultivating this internal focus throughout the whole practice, from the more vigorous asanas to more subtle meditations, you may have a more connected, integrated, and deeper yogic experience for yourself and for your students.


Lecturer: Gyan & Alana

Gyan has been a popular teacher of integrated hatha yoga for over 15 years, and he currently teaches at Qi Yoga Freshwater. He has also taught the IYTA pranayama and meditation course.
Alana has been teaching a similar style to Gyan for over 7 years. She is a lecturer on the IYTA teacher training program and currently teaches yoga at her farm “Stag Hill” in Jamberoo, NSW.




  • to be in person at Crows Next Community Centre or streaming on Zoom
  • the ability to join a zoom meeting
  • this workshop is open to members and non-members
  • yoga mat, blocks, and meditation cushion if you can
  • notebook and pen
  • This workshop will be recorded.