Updated 30th November 2020:

As States are now opening their borders, please be aware that each State has it’s own regulations on what is permitted for yoga studios and class sizes.

NSW has just announced that all yoga studios must register their business as COVID safe and now apply electronic check in for students. We strongly encourage you to use the free NSW Government QR code that connects to the Service NSW app, as it securely stores customer data and can be instantly accessed by NSW Health if there is an outbreak. Businesses that don’t follow the COVID-19 safety rules risk serious penalties and possible closure under the Public Health Order. Below are the steps you need to take to meet your obligations, keep customers and staff safe, and stay open:

  • Complete your COVID Safety Plan and register your business as COVID Safe
  • Complete your COVID-19 Safety Plan online – fill in the one that is relevant to your industry.
  • Set up electronic customer check-in (such as a QR code) by 23 November
  • Keep a copy of your COVID Safety Plan at your business so you can show it to an Authorised Officer if required.
  • Display your QR code & verify each customer
  • Check-in customers via webform when you can’t connect to the internet to use your QR code

Please read more about this on the Service NSW Government page here.

As restrictions ease across Australia you will see the requirements differ from state to state. You will find all this information relevant to your state via the important website links below.

We highly recommend that all students bring their own props and mats to class.

Please remember to take this opportunity to utilise the highly valued tools of yoga. Bring out those grounding practices of asana, breath awareness, relaxations and meditations. We will come out the other side better students and teachers. We are all in this together, and we are committed to support you. We will continue to provide updates and information as it affects our community.

Make sure you stay up to date with credible Government sources listed below.

International Resources:

Resources within Australia:

Australian Signage: https://www.australia.gov.au/covidsafe-resources
Yoga Australia: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/covid19/