Yoga & Ayurveda to Support Your Immunity

CPD Points: 3

When: 10.00am - 1.00pm, Sunday, 19 Jul 2020

Where: Online - Zoom

Member's Price: A$55 / Non-members: A$65
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This workshop is based on Ayurveda and Classic Yoga teachings where rather than focusing on any one particular external disease, we look at the parameter of creating balance and maintaining a high degree of health and functioning establishing this on advice and practices from the classic texts of Ayurveda and Yoga (the Charaka Samhita and  the Yoga Sutras).

There will be two practical sessions in which:

  • You will learn classic Pranayama practices chosen for their beneficial effects on the nervous system and respiratory system.
  • You will use sound (Mantras) with Pranayama and Asana practice to enhance effective Prana flow to support health and immunity.
  • Dharana through reflection and guided Yoga Nidra will also be used.

Learning outcomes:

You will learn effective methods to promote Prana flow and support our digestive fire (Agni) which is considered the basis of good health and a strong immune system.

You will also experience  practices which can be used to help release stress and tension from key areas affected by anxiety and fear, and create a resilient mind/body system.

This workshop will provide reassurance that there is much we can do to create a positive experience from this time, where we can learn something new about ourselves or reconsider our aims in life. It is a time of transition, a pivot point, an important time to take stock of ourselves and the direction we wish our lives to take.

This workshop will provide support to teachers in this current time where fear and anxiety is often the tone of news we are receiving due to the Covid 19 pandemic.







Lecturer: Patricia Wigley

Before qualifying in Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia in 2013, Patricia taught Yoga and Ayurveda for many years in her own classes and workshops, in the corporate sector and also for the IYTA Teacher Training Course.

Yoga Therapy now forms a major part of Patricia’s focus whether it is with small groups, workshops, classes or individual sessions. Ayurveda is still also integral  to her teaching.

Patricia gratefully acknowledges all her past teachers who have inspired her on the Yoga path, especially those from the Desikachar tradition, and her students from whom she learns every day.