Pranayama for enhanced mental states

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When: 1.00pm - 4.00pm, Saturday, 19 Feb 2022

Where: Online - Zoom

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Join Gyan Morrison and Surya Tetlow in this essential 3-hour workshop on how to practice pranayama for enhanced mental states. You do not need to be a Yoga teacher to participate in this inspiring and practical course!

Principal Presenter: Gregory Morrison (Gyan)

Gyan was first introduced to yoga in the early 1990s when a health practitioner handed him a cassette tape of yoga nidra relaxation practices to help him sleep during a stressful period of his life. He began doing asana and pranayama classes regularly with Simon Borg-Olivier in the late 1990s.

In 2002 Gyan went to Mangrove Ashram for a meditation weekend workshop and became enamoured of the whole ashram experience. He realised that many of the aspects of his life that had not been serving him had just effortlessly fallen away with regular yoga practice. Hence he decided to commence Yogic Studies at Mangrove to understand why yoga had been so beneficial for him. He completed the 3 year Satyananda teacher training program in 2007 under master teachers such as David Burgess, Shankardev, and Satyadharma. He ended up immersing himself in ashram life for another 3 years, where he worked tirelessly on the farm, teaching courses and supervising projects. Gyan has attended ashrams in India, and he periodically undertakes month-long Kriya Yoga retreats at the Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation.

From his deep experience of traditional yoga, Gyan has developed an informed, regular, and systematic personal practice, which he draws from in his teaching. He was a dedicated teacher at Manly Yoga, and now continues to teach his holistic style at Qi Freshwater, where students experience a range of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation practices in every class. His instruction style is down-to-earth and spacious, allowing students to connect with their physical and inner experience throughout.

2nd Presenter: Surya Tetlow

Surya was introduced to yoga in 2003 when she went to an ashram in India for 2 years to study for a masters degree in Yoga Psychology, which she completed in 2005, coming top of her class. She thoroughly enjoyed both the teachings and ashram life, and later on came to Australia, to further her knowledge and experience in order to teach yoga, by completing a diploma course in Satyananda Yoga Training at Mangrove Ashram. She spent the next few years weaving in and out of corporate life and life in the ashram, teaching on the diploma course and coordinating one of the modules, taking part in all aspects of ashram life and helping to manage the ashram. Her passion is chanting and singing bhajans and kirtans, and teaching meditation and pranayama. She has been taking a sabbatical from teaching yoga but has been lured out by Gyan because of her passion for pranayama and the transformative benefits she has experienced in her own health and life, dealing with a chronic health condition.
Surya has a lovely, practical yet expert approach to teaching pranayama. The way she shares the practices makes them accessible to everybody and everything she shares is interspersed with humour and compassion. Whatever aspect of pranayama you might be looking for, Surya has the knowledge of using pranayama in a whole range of contexts but most especially in dealing with the monkey mind.

What you will experience & explore:

You will experience and explore a range of pranayama to help improve mental clarity, reduce brain fog and navigate stress and anxiety.

Enhanced mental states can include:

An ability to concentrate more easily and without effort

An ability to stay on track with mental thoughts (focus)


Learning to function in a relaxed way, without having to over-concentrate or overthink

Outline and Outcomes of the Course

You will be given practices that will enhance various states that they want to be in, whether it’s a relaxed state, balanced state, or something where they need to be a little bit more pepped up.

You will be given tools to navigate the stresses and challenges of life.

You will have time to ask questions, get some guidance and make sure that you are doing the practices correctly.

You will have time to experience the results of the different practices discussed, so that you can understand the benefits for yourself. If you are a teacher, you can refine your ability to take these practices into the classroom and assist your students, and to recognise that not everyone is going to have the same kind of result.

A refreshed approach to your Sadhana, with either new information or revised information about:

How to practise the various pranayama for consistency

The order to do them in

How much time to spend on them

If you’re doing a daily practice or a weekly practice, how to be aware of signs that they could be overdoing some practices.

This workshop will cater for varying levels of experience, you will be given progressive techniques to suit your individual requirements.

This workshop will be recorded.

To attend this online class you will need a
reliable internet connection and the ability to join a zoom meeting

Join  Gyan Morrison and Surya Tetlow  in this essential 3-hour workshop on how to practice pranayama for enhanced mental states.


Join  Gyan Morrison and Surya Tetlow  in this essential 3-hour workshop on how to practice pranayama for enhanced mental states.