Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop - with Sarah Manning

CPD Points: 3

When: 9:30am - 12:30pm – Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne, 6:30 - 9:30am - Singapore/Perth, 11:30am - 2:30pm NZ, Saturday, 24 Apr 2021

Where: Online - Zoom

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The Autumnal Equinox, when the light and the dark make up equal parts of the day, marks the beginning of the harvesting and composting phases of the year. As the weather gets cooler, we begin to draw energy inward, lending us time to pause, reflect and process what came from the summer’s growth and expansion.

This Yin Yoga workshop will give you the opportunity to explore this storing and inward energy with postures, breathing and meditation that reflect the season and its needs.

We will stimulate the lung and large intestine meridian energies through the progressive extension and contraction along the upper torso and by exploring different arm and shoulder variations.

Breathing and mindfulness techniques that support the postures for the storing of qi (or energy).

Lecture to include:

  1. Explore the 5 Element theory of TCM and the supportive and controlling interplay of the seasons
  2. The season of autumn and its vulnerabilities – bringing the body to balance at this time of year.
  3. Learn the position of the 3 Dan Tians (upper, middle and lower), the Chinese traditional energy centers and consider their relationship to chakras

Practical to include:

  1. Practice 8 Yin yoga postures connected to the Lung and Large Intestine Meridian energies
  2. Learn safety and variations for these postures for your students with pre-existing conditions with back, neck, knee and shoulder issues
  3. Learn 4 breathing and meditation techniques tailored to storing energy
  4. How to feel and store appropriate energy at each Dan Tian

Benefits of attending this workshop:

  1. This workshop is open to all yoga practitioners and teachers.
  2. Working through shoulders and arms – how to mindfully relieve stiffness and range of motion issues.
  3. Explore tools to support grief and sadness (the vulnerable emotions of autumn)
  4. Experience the powerful impact of yin yoga to move energy in the body – and feel how it affects the breath, body and mind.

This workshop will be recorded.  


Lecturer: Sarah Manning

Well known for her enthusiastic, educational and fun trainings for the IYTA Yin Yoga Programme, Sarah trained with the IYTA 25 years ago and has been teaching Hatha, prenatal, postnatal, back-care, yin, fertility yoga ever since. She works with the IYTA post diploma team creating and presenting workshops and trainings.  Her key focus is anatomy, safety and maximising the effect of yoga postures through energy awareness.

To attend this online workshop you will need:

  • a reliable internet connection
  • the ability to join a zoom meeting
  • this workshop is open to non-teachers as well as teachers