Make a Start on Something Life-Changing! You are constantly engaged in practices – the way you think, the way you eat, the way you move your body, the way you relate to others, the way you speak, and the way that you face challenges. The question is: do your current practices move you closer to what you truly desire? Practice defines your life. The way you show up each week and practice Yoga defines your outcomes, how you feel, and what you believe about yourself. The internal and external obstacles that you face provide some of the greatest opportunities for you to choose a different way. Everything in your life, then, has the potential to be a spiritual practice – a way to bring awareness and choice to all areas of our life. Just choose ONE. At this time of year, it is tempting to want to change everything. But what if one practice, done daily, could begin to change everything? Discover YOUR practice – the one that comes from the very wisest and most loving part of your being that will support every aspect of your life. Decide to find five minutes every day out of 2880 minutes that you have. Just five. And simply sit and observe your breath.Five minutes isn’t much. Not much to change your life. Write to me if you need more instruction.
 YogaHealth 2013
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