Tracy Hewson

Tracy Hewson

Coal Point NSW 2283
Contact: (041) 223-1461

Tracy Hewson As soon as I was introduced to yoga, a passion for this ancient practice ensued and quickly it became an essential part of daily life, a framework through which to inquire and navigate the world. Since completion of the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) yoga teacher training many years ago, I have been teaching ever since. I have been fortunate enough to share my love of yoga with a broad scope of students. I enjoy creating a designated space for students to practice, grow, explore, experiment and evolve. This has been a joy and a real privilege. I was first hooked on yoga ten years ago, as the one form of exercise I didn’t have to force myself to do. It has since grown into a layered practice of befriending myself and discovering my true nature. Yoga guides me into balance between logic and intuition, my head and my heart. It has taught me how to move through life with more grace and acceptance. I am passionate about how yoga can transform your inner wellbeing and physical health. My classes are grounded in the breath and mindfulness. I teach with compassion and empathy, giving permission to experience whatever is there in the moment. Sharing yoga with others fills me with joy and I am grateful for every class I teach. 0412 231 461

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