Peta Jolley

Peta Jolley

Warrnambool VIC 3280
Contact: 0448781253

Peta Jolley Peta has been fascinated by all forms of health, wellness, transformative process and spirituality since she was a young teenager. She is a seeker. She was first introduced to yoga when she was 5yrs old, by her primary school teacher in the 70’s, she reignited her practice in her late teens. Peta began facilitating yoga classes in 2002, guiding all ages in various styles of classes. She has studied with Master teachers both locally and overseas and looks to Lorraine Bell, Simon Borg-Olivier, John Weddepohl, Sharman Okan & David Burgess as her main teachers. She loves to weave the practice, philosophy and practical application of Tantra, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and old wisdom through her teachings in a way they can be well received, applied & integrated by the everyday human.

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