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 YogaHealth 2013
Places are limited. Investment is $75pp or $140 per couple.  Interested? Call 6461 6749 or click here  to send us an email for details.
Change Your Age: The Gentle Art of Ageing.  A Workshop with Shambo,YogaHealth Founder.     Sunday April 28th. 1-5pm. Sth Perth.
Imagine yourself for a moment as the parent of a newborn born with a genetic disorder. There are no drugs available which could prevent your babys downhill slide into physical and mental incompetence. If doctors told you that by following some simple rules you would be able to keep the baby out of a wheelchair as it grows older ..wouldn’t you? What if instead of the baby we are talking about you? Sure, things may feel OK right now or maybe you are noticing some changes? Are you willing to follow a few simple rules that will maximise your enjoyment of your next 20-30 years?  Is ageing inevitable? Should we just submit to sickness and decrepitude or is there something we can do apart from relying on a pharmaceutical medical system?
Ageing Workshop Ageing Workshop