Yoga Studies Online

Total Hours: 30

Classic Yoga Studies - Philosophy, Physiology and Yogic Concepts

Introduction to Yoga Studies with David Burgess

Perhaps this is your first time exploring Yoga Philosophy, or this could be a revision of previous learnings, either way, this course will provide knowledge in the major concepts of Classic Yoga Studies.
If you are new to Yoga this course will be a useful place to begin your journey beyond the yoga asanas (yoga poses). It will also be suited to teachers who seek opportunities to reinforce previously learned yogic concepts.
This course will delve into Yoga Physiology and explore the key features of the subtle body, the subtle energy systems, and major features of energy flow.
There is also the opportunity to understand the philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle introduced through the classical texts, branches of Yoga, and the application of these principles in everyday life.


What does this course offer you?

We are confident this course will motivate and entice you to explore the depths of Yoga and create opportunities to turn your gaze ‘inwards’. When exploring the concepts of Yoga Philosophy we learn so much more about ourselves and this, in turn, can offer you the chance to reflect on your life and how you choose to live it. When you are exposed to the historical and classical yoga texts, they provide guidance for you on where to begin your inquiry.

Who is this course for?

This course is while a very efficient way for Yoga Teachers to bring yourselves back up to speed on the intellectual understanding of what lies behind the practices you teach it is also a very nice entry to those students of yours that are not necessarily interested in becoming teachers but yet want to systematically go a little further into yogic understanding than a weekly class may offer and yet without signing up to a big vocational course with Anatomy and Physiology, Pedagogy, lesson plans and designated scopes of practice.

What is required?

A self-motivated and curious online learner.

In this online course, there are around 30 nominal hours with a six-month timeframe in which to complete your study. There are 8 subjects contained derived from lectures from the IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching, quality lecture notes, recommended further reading, and for those that enjoy feedback, there are self-marking quizzes to help confirm your understanding.

Through self-directed learning, all lectures and theories are covered in the participant’s own time and can be reviewed as often as they wish over the period of 6 months.  You will, of course, be able to communicate with lecturers if you have a need for further guidance via email and you will get timely, personal, and relevant responses

Yoga Studies Course Subjects

  • Yogic History
  • Raja Yoga
  • Classic Paths
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Yogic Physiology

Certificate of Completion

This course offers a Certificate of Completion with 30 CPD points

Benefits include:

  • Providing context such as, where are you now and where do you want to go, in relationship to your own personal yoga journey.
  • Building on previous knowledge to close the ‘gaps’ and therefore potentially provide a pathway to future yogic studies.
  • Answering some of the basic questions about yoga such as:
    • What is Yoga?
    • Where did it all begin?
    • Why are Yoga studies relevant?
    • How do Yogic Studies fit in with my weekly Yoga class?
  • Having an enriched understanding of yoga and therefore having the satisfaction of deeper immersion into your practice when you attend classes.


“Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work through this elearning course Yoga Studies. I have found it to be interesting and informative. I love that this type of learning is now available for yoga” – Vanessa L.

“Thanks IYTA for providing such an abundance of knowledge in the Yoga Studies course. As a student of yoga, I am now more informed and enriched with a deeper perspective on why we do what we do in classes”  – Deon C.

Course Availability

Yoga Studies ~ Online

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